The trusted general staffing agency in Rexburg.

Less Hassle. More Candidates.

Wish you could find people quickly and without frustration?

We have the same goal for you! A lot of temp agencies in Rexburg take days–or even weeks–to make placements. At Gem State Staffing, we make it easy. We interview in person and take the time to get to know our candidates skills, interests, and personality, making matches that truly fit your needs. 


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You Deserve To Enjoy Your Work

Your happiness is essential.

When you partner with us, we want to provide everything you need to thrive. Our dedicated recruiters get to work early, leave late, and are on call to support you. We’ll visit you on-site to make sure everything is going well, and when your assignment is over, we’ll check in to see if we can fine-tune your experience to make it even better next time.

Jobs We Often Fill In Rexburg:

Get Fast Turnaround And 24/7 Support

You can’t always predict when you’ll need people, but when you partner with Gem State Staffing, we’ll help you keep your business moving.

Our employment agency in Rexburg opens its doors early and closes them late. Our team is happy to answer your call at any hour of the day–or night. We provide quick and seamless staffing, often getting candidates to your door the same day you call us.

Whether you need temporary help to fill in for a day or you’d like to schedule “working interviews” with our employees to find the next key member of your team, we can help you reach your goals. Since we interview all our job seekers in person, dispatch from our office, and audit our talent every month, we always have vetted and highly qualified candidates ready for you.