Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to bring with me to apply/interview?

We strongly recommend bringing identification to meet Form I-9 requirements. Most people apply with a photo ID and social security card or birth certificate. A complete list of acceptable forms of identification can be found here.

We also encourage applicants to bring certifications, resumes, or any other supporting documents they feel will increase their likelihood of receiving a job offer!

How long does the application process take?
Most of our applicants can complete our application and interview in about 30 minutes.
Is there a dress code for work?
Every job is different, but as a rule, we strongly encourage people to make an effort.
How fast will I start working after my interview?
Your start date for an assignment is entirely dependent on the position you’re applying for and the schedule that we maintain with our customers. Remember, we don’t get paid if you don’t, so we REALLY want to get you working!
What do I get paid?
All our assignments vary on pay. If our posted positions don’t detail a pay rate, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member.
How many hours per week do I have to work?
As many or few as you’d like. Before you begin an assignment, you’ll receive a detailed explanation from a staff member about the schedule for that position. If you feel you can’t meet that expectation, notify us.
Are all jobs temporary only?
Technically, yes. All Gem State Staffing employees are considered Variable Hour Employees as defined by the Affordable Care Act. Although we cannot guarantee a certain number of hours per week for our employees, most of our positions are long term or temp-to-hire. Even many of our day labor positions become temp-to-hire after our probationary period.
What qualifications do I have to have?
Every position is different. We have entry-level to Ph.D.-level positions across the state. We encourage our applicants to review the qualification requirements list in our job postings. Believe it or not, the most highly coveted “qualification” requested by our customers is “a positive attitude” and “strong work ethic.”
Do I need my own car to get a job?
No, but it definitely opens your options up if you do. We will explain our expectations for our employees during the interview process. It’s your responsibility to get to work. When logistically possible, we encourage carpooling.
When is payday?
Most of our payroll is done on Mondays. There are a few exceptions, but most of our payroll is done on the Monday following the payroll week.
What if I don’t like the job I’m doing?
Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! One of the primary reasons people fail in their new job is lack of communication (not just with GSS, but all employers). Contact any staff member to discuss your issues. Chances are, we can find you another assignment more to your liking within days.
Do I have to come in every morning to check in for work? Do I need to call every day?
The old “labor hall” days are over. We do not require people to come early to the office to sit and wait for an assignment. We do encourage people to call us though. We normally know what openings we’ll have a day or two in advance, but we do get same-day work orders from our customers. If you’re not on a current assignment, you can call the office each morning to let the staff know you’re available if something opens up.
Can I call in sick, and how do I do it?
Yes, you can call in sick. If you must miss an assignment, we require advance notice so we can get your shift covered. Calling us at the last minute puts us in an impossible position. If you cannot make your scheduled shift, call our office. Preferably the day before your next scheduled shift.
Will I lose my job if I call-in sick?
Not if you call us ahead of time. We can usually get a shift covered in a couple hours. Not calling or calling us at the last minute definitely won’t win you any points with us.
Where is my W-2, and why hasn’t it been mailed to me?
If you didn’t ‘check the box’ on your application to have it mailed, it is held in the office that you worked out of.
Can I transfer my information from another office?
Yes! Just call the office you interviewed in and request they send your information to the new office. You’ll still have to complete an interview with the new office, but your information is transferrable.