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Are you looking to build ramp up your workforce?

Partnering with Gem State Staffing can help you do all that and more–fast. As one of the most trusted temp employment agencies in Pocatello, we know how to connect you with the right talent.

Your goals are our priority, we are on call 24/7 – so we can tackle your challenges whenever they arise. 

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Your Happiness Is Our Personal Mission

We aren’t the only firm offering general labor staffing in Pocatello, but we’re one of the few who handle payroll in-house, ensuring you get paid faster.

When you join our team, your satisfaction is our priority. Expect us to keep in touch and visit your job site to make sure everything is going as you anticipated. Have a problem? We’re available 24/7 to assist you. Whether you’re looking for flexible jobs to fit your schedule or want to “try on” roles until you find one you love, count on us to deliver great options–and have your back when you need support.

Jobs We Often Fill In POcatello:

Partner With Trusted Experts

Looking to increase productivity, adapt to changing demand, or fill unexpected vacancies? We’ve got qualified candidates ready to walk in your door.

Want to put employees you recruit on our payroll to reduce risks and cut down on administrative hassle? We’re here to help!

GSS serves your staffing needs, no matter what industry or skill. We’re on call 24/7 to handle emergencies and get you the talent you need when you need it. Best of all? We’re fast–really fast. Since we interview every job seeker in person, dispatch from our office, and audit our talent every month, you get better qualified candidates on a moment’s notice.

Once our customers come on board, they rarely jump ship. That’s because we take the time to build relationships with all our clients. We visit job sites to see how things are going–and find out how we can serve you better