Idaho Falls

Partner with the leading employment agency in Idaho Falls.

About Our Staffing Company In Idaho Falls

Gem State Staffing has been providing expert temp staffing services in Idaho Falls since 2001.

Our diverse staffing agency delivers top talent and opportunities across all industries. Your goals are our priority, so we get to work early, stay late, and are on call 24/7 to solve problems and tackle challenges, creating a quick and seamless experience for you.

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Get Your Bills Paid Faster

Work should be rewarding, and you shouldn’t have to wait to reap the benefits of your labor.

At GSS, we handle payroll in-house to get you paid faster. We don’t hang onto your check for a week before giving it to you, and if there’s a problem with your pay, we can fix it–immediately.

We’re on your side at every step in the process. Our friendly and down-to-earth recruiters will get to know your face, name, and the kinds of jobs you like best. Looking for flexible temporary jobs, better pay, or the chance to work with a national brand? No problem! Want to “try out” jobs until you find something that clicks? We know leading employers looking for talent like you. Ready to get started?

Jobs We Often Fill In Idaho Falls:

Qualified Talent. No Waiting.

When you need to hire, you can’t afford to wait.

We’ve got the hardworking people you need, ready and waiting to walk in your door, hours after you call. Interviewing job seekers in person, qualifying them for multiple jobs, and reviewing our talent bench monthly, ensures we can fill your orders faster and better than our competitors.

What Makes Your Business Grow?

We’re always looking for ways to help you reach your goals. Understanding your processes and work environment helps us make matches that will increase productivity and improve morale. Our team will spend time on-site, visiting our employees and getting to know your team so we can find the best candidates for you.